"The First KEY open your personality, choose The second KEY for sign your style".

Kyro Mckay born as a company specialized in marketing as well as a direct partner in the production of glasses. It operates in an innovative economy, facing the national and international market thanks to innovative ideas and forward-looking proposals of its young and cosmopolitan staff. 


A pivotal point of Kyro Mckay is the direct partnership with two historic companies with forty years experience in eyewear manufacturing. Our staff directly follows the "search and development" and the production of the product made entirely in ITALY through the careful selection of quality materials with which our products are made.

Specialized artisans conclude the production process with the imposition of the seal on each eyewear once the quality control has been carried out. Kyro Mckay diversifies the commercialization through every type of channel, organizes the distribution of its product in a capillary way through national and international distributors, e-commerce, direct distribution to retail.